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The New Standard for Hand Hygiene

Oh Band is a smart wristband designed to help businesses meet and exceed one of the main deterrents of COVID-19 spread, proper hand sanitization.

What is Oh Band

Oh Band is a smart wearable device that helps businesses and their employees by:
Notifying users how often and how frequently to wash their hands
Analyzing gestures to make sure each hand wash meets WHO health standards
Publicly displaying a constant visual indicator of the last time a user washed their hands

Latest Updates on Oh Band

We are committed to validating our product as we grow, and recently we finished our largest focus group to-date. With the support of the Canadian Nursing Association, we had over 50 IPAC professionals come aboard to help validate Oh Band.

Here are the highlights
  • 15 Hospitals

  • 8 Long-term Care Homes

  • 4 Health Authorities

  • 10 Different Provinces/Territories

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Agreed the innovate had potential to improve hand hygiene.


Willingness to recommended to leadership.


Direct requests for larger implementations.
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Ensure users effectively wash their hands on-time, every time

With our sensor-based technology, the Oh Band not only prompts users to wash their hands, it also ensures that each hand wash meets the WHO hygiene standard.

Hygiene standard used from:

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Jobin Varughese, MD
Chief Medical Officer

``To combat COVID-19 we need to wear face masks, keep physically distant, and maintain proper hand hygiene. I can see a mask and if you are a safe distance away, but I can’t see the last time someone washed their hands. Oh Band is that solution, and we need it more than ever.``

Tailored to your needs

Adaptable by design, Oh Band can be modified to meet any organization’s needs. Configure frequency, duration, and acceptable thresholds to meet the level of hand hygiene required for any industry.

Simple setup

Simple and easy to use, Oh band can be used in minutes

User Recognition

Initial set-up begins by understanding each user's unique hand washing pattern


No disruption to your day to day, the band will indicate when to wash your hands and change back to green when completed

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The Annual Impact of
Healthcare-associated Infections


Associated deaths 


Estimated preventable rate with better hygiene standards


$Billion spend by healthcare


Leading Cause of Death

*North American Totals


Traffic Light System

Green, yellow, and red. Easy to understand status indicators for users and the community to know their current hygiene status

Anonymized Data

Users can continue to work towards proper hand sanitization without feeling tracked at a personal level.


Once configured with a smart device, the Oh Band does not depend on any other device to function.

Interactive Dashboard

Dashboard built to summarize data to help triage proper training and attention where hand-washing protocols aren’t being met.

Shared Accountability

By having a constant visual status, the Oh Band removes the uncertainty to customers, peers, and patients that each user is effectively meeting sanitization standards.

Reduce Nosocomial Infections / COVID-19

Significantly decreasing potential spreading of continued/future outbreaks by addressing the most predominant source of infection transfer, improper hand hygiene.

Ready to upgrade your institution?

If you work in healthcare, hospitality, leisure, retail or another company looking to increase hygiene standards and expand re-opening, we would love to find out how we can help.

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